Upcoming Events & Activities

Upcoming Events & Activities

Introducing: Moments of the Month 

Take a moment for you!

We wanted to find a way to build connection and community in light of these strange times. Whether you currently live in one of our communities or you are part of the greater Lincoln community, we believe everyone deserves something to enjoy and look forward to. This sparked the idea for Moments of the Month. Moments of the Month offers a unique, positive activity each month to help you or your loved one beat pandemic boredom!

Partnering with local businesses and in-house experts, we’ve created a series of deliveries and activities that will keep you entertained and on your feet. Each month, watch for an update from us for the next 'experience'. You can access this 'experience' at any time that month to bring an element of surprise and fun to your days.

Currently Available:


Remember the feeling of going to a bookstore and pulling a great read off the shelf? Well, with the help of A Novel Idea bookstore in downtown Lincoln, we’re bringing the books to you! Our collection was procured with a little history, a little mystery, and everything in between.

Tell us your favorite genre and we’ll bring you a book from our personal collection of high-rated favorites. The best part is, once you’re done reading, you’ve got next month’s fun to look forward to!

If you would like to have a book delivered or want to register yourself or a loved one for Moments of the Month, call (402) 580-5938 or register below:


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