Robin’s Story, Winter Time Dedication

Robin’s Story, Winter Time Dedication

Robin knows all too well what a bad weather forecast could mean for the memory impaired residents at Legacy Arbors: a lower number of staff able to make it to work, resulting in additional stress for the residents and fellow team members. She wasn’t about to let that happen.

When an ice storm was predicted to cover Lincoln in 1-2” of ice, potentially causing power outages and impossible driving conditions, Robin packed her bags the night before and settled in at the Arbors to make sure someone was there to care for the residents. She drove in Sunday night before her shift on Monday and stayed until late Tuesday afternoon.

Robin described her thought process of the next few days with a tactical approach. If some of the other nurses weren’t able to make it in to work due to the road conditions, she knew she could not only count on some of the residents, but that they would enjoy assisting her with the other residents when it came to breakfast, lunch and dinner. While she didn’t end up having to worry too much about low staff numbers due to the weather not being as bad as predicted, she knew she could count on her relationship with the residents to make sure everyone was taken care of.

When she was able to clock out for a while, she made herself at home, finding her favorite TV shows. But if you know the relationship Robin has with the residents, you would know that the residents had soon joined her TV watching and it turned into a party! As the sun came out and the ice melted on that Tuesday afternoon, Robin was ready to head home from her 36 hours at Legacy Arbors.

We know many stories like Robin’s go unheard because of the humility of our employees, but caring and acts of selflessness truly help bring life to our values of Family, Compassion, Integrity, Community and Quality.