If You're Considering Retirement Living Options, Start Here

If You're Considering Retirement Living Options, Start Here

"Life is an amazing story, John. It's just that some people don't realize they are the author, and they can write it however they want."

- The Why Cafe by John Strelecky

We know this past year has been challenging for so many. None of us could have predicted what the year 2020 would bring. For some, the pandemic completely changed how we live and for others it magnified the isolation, lack of connection, and lack of control. Now more than ever, we need to tune in to what really matters and how to recognize opportunities to continue to live a fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

This past year has also taught us how important a sense of community is. Having a sense of connection with another person face-to-face has never been so valued. If you value connection, well-being, and independence, but this past year has come up short in providing that for you, have you considered making a change?

Our personal values are like an inner compass that help us navigate different experiences and transitions, no matter what season of life you are in. While we have seen the needs of aging adults change over the course of 20 years while serving as retirement living advisors, our goal has remained the same: Empower individuals to make informed choices that align with their values. When your values are clearly defined, it’s easy to remain the author of your story. Values allow for the ability to design, edit, and rewrite in order to live the life that you want and need based on what’s most important to you as an individual.

While aging comes with a lot of unknowns, our hope is to offer perspective that ultimately allows you to gain new insight about you or your loved one's life and how we can embrace aging. When we take a proactive approach to define our values, explore options, educate ourselves, ask questions, and reflect, we can confidently make choices that support our health and well-being. 

Join me virtually on January 26th at 11am via Zoom as I discuss these concepts and more when it comes to considering retirement living as an option for you or a loved one. Register online right now by clicking HERE to receive a personal Zoom link to view live or select the option to receive the recorded presentation to view at your leisure.

I look forward to walking down this path with you.

Take care,

    Kayla Schaf, Retirement Living Advisor