Self-Care at Any Age - Legacy Terrace

Self-Care at Any Age - Legacy Terrace

Thursday, June 30th 1:30 PM

Join us for a Legacy of Learning event featuring a panel of health and wellness professionals designed to help you live your best life at any age.

This event will take place at Legacy Terrace, 5600 Pioneers Blvd

From nutrition and physical activity to social and mental  well-being, you’ll learn how the power of personal routines and choices influence your lifestyle, relationships, and health. You'll hear from Barb Scott, RN, Director of Clinical Operations; Katie Johnson, Legacy Wellness Director, and Casey Jo Jansma, Legacy Enrichment Director.

At this event we’ll discuss:

  • Lifestyle behavior choices to ensure optimal health
  • Choices to help ward off diseases and conditions
  • The importance of emotional needs and mental health
  • Finding purpose and reducing risk of cognitive impairments and memory decline
  • The role relationships play in our overall health
  • Finding ways to stay active and exploring new definitions of “exercise” at any age
  • Tips for eating well, preparation, and maintaining variety in your menu when eating by yourself

Reserve your seat by calling (402) 436-3000.

We can’t wait to see you!