Compassion for Your Work and the People
February 7, 2018
Jenny & Jeff,
I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for helping mom come to a
decision regarding her move to Legacy (Estates].  Since I am remote, it leaves me with
some apprehension when issues regarding mom need to be dealt with or
addressed.  I felt no apprehension with this situation as I knew the both of
you would help mom to see what was best for her.
[We] are so grateful to have you there to help mom through this
transition.  You both are true professionals and have such a compassion for
your work and the people you work with day in and day out.
Thank you again for all you have done, what you are doing and will do for
mom and our family.
Respectfully and with great admiration,
S. & B. H., daughter and son-in-law of new Legacy Estates resident
(Regarding the flowers that were sent, the yellow represent friendship and the red represent love.)
Thanks you all.

Thanks to the Jerry Joyce Living Legacy Award family and Legacy Estates for the generous gifting which I can pay forward. The event and gifting filled my heart and soul. What a wonder-filled mission and service you give forward in Jerry Joyce’s memory.

Thank you all.

Mary Ann Bede, recipient of the 2018 Legacy Caring Heart Award

Dad Flourished.

March 2017

Well, it’s not without certain sadness that Dad’s residency at Legacy Terrace has come to a close. How much we as a family and most importantly, Dad himself delighted in his Legacy experience. Difficult times there were few and joyous memories abound. For that we are all very grateful. The Legacy Terrace staff at all levels from housekeeping, dining room, transportation, maintenance, activities, exercise, and nursing to office staff and Director were at all times not only helpful and caring but delightful in rendering their individual tasks in service to our Dad. Simply, he flourished during his years as a Legacy resident and we couldn’t ask for anything more. You have all lived up to your values of Family, Compassion, Integrity, Community and Quality.

THANK YOU all so very much!


G., N., and S. Davis



To my Legacy family,

I/we have so much to thank you all for! First of all, thank you for taking care and for loving my mom for so many years! It was always such a comfort to me knowing that she was living in such a WONDERFUL community. We visited a lot of retirement homes and I am so glad we chose The Legacy! I am so greatful to the entire staff from the bottom to the top!

Everyone always treated me like family when I would come to visit as well. Second thank you for the beautiful flowers in honor of my mom. They were very thoughtful.


D.V. and all of [her] family of a resident at The Legacy



A Quick Thank You



This is a quick thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do for my father. I am his #1 Fan and respect and appreciate everyone at Legacy who helps my father. This is a thank you from housekeeping to nursing and everyone in between.  Thank you!

R., daughter of Terrace resident

Fulfill a Lifetime Desire

July 2017

Thank you for the opportunity to fulfill a lifetime desire to ride in a hot air balloon!  I cannot express what it means to me.

I am so blessed to be living in The Legacy.


M., resident at The Legacy

Happy Here

July 7, 2017

Thank you so much Jeff [Retirement Living Advisor] for welcoming us.  We couldn’t have been more pleased with you and the service you have provided.  We think we’ll be very happy here.

R & E P., Estates residents

Not Just a Motto


Legacy Estates’ motto of Family-Compassion-Integrity-Community-Quality is not just a motto – you all really seem to embrace qualities!!

D.G., daughter of Estates resident

A Blessing

July 3, 2017

I was having an emotional weekend early June while celebrating family events without the “Rock” of our family, Glenn.  Listening to the music in the GDR [Grand Dining Room], tears began to fall.  Glenn would have enjoyed it so much.  Following the music a friend (not a resident) approached me and proceeded to offer me words of what were intended to be sympathy, but fell short of fulfilling that need.  Those tears gathered again.

I went to the front desk having decided to order my dinner for my apartment.  Kim immediately saw my distress and reached out a hand in support.  She invited me to the office hallway where a hug was offered and accepted with a joyful heart.  We continued to talk and finally with her help, I ordered dinner, and went off with the sounds of her loving concern in my heart.

Sunday followed with her continued careful attention….a card on my shelf, a loving hug, a kind word.

Thank you, Kim.  You are a blessing to the Legacy Estates. You are also a cherished friend.

L.F., Estates resident



To All the Legacy Staff –

Thank you for the extraordinary food and kind service you all gave today! It was all wonderful!

And you were all amazing!  :)

S.D., Estates resident


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